Handling Policy

Chapter 1 General Rules

Article 1 (Purpose)
These Terms CUBICON Inc. related to the Internet to provide services (the "Service") in utilizing a site-to-site and user rights, obligations and responsibilities, one ID and PASSWORD according to the terms of use and integration using a procedure such as the purpose of setting forth the basics.

Article 2 (Validity and Changes of the Agreement)
① This Agreement will become effective for all members who wish to use the service.
② The contents of this agreement is to disclose to members and posted on the Service by way of the screen, or other, this consent is effective by members subscribed to the service.
③ If deemed necessary the company may change these terms and conditions, if the agreement is changed, published in the same manner as in paragraph ② without delay.
However, significant changes in the regulations concerning the rights or obligations of the user is at least 7 days prior to disclosure.
④ Users can be changed if you do not agree to the Terms of Service and terminate your requirements discontinue the contract.

Article 3 (Terms of outside Statement)
① Is not expressly made in these Terms and Conditions subject to the Telecommunications Act, the Act on promoting the use of Information and Communications Network, Electronic Commerce Basic Law, provisions of the Digital Signature Act and other relevant laws and regulations.

Article 4 (Definition of Terms)
① The definitions of the terms used in this Agreement are as follows:
1. User : Means a member or non-member sites receive the services provided in accordance with these terms and conditions by accessing the Site.
2. Member : Agree to these Terms and Conditions by accessing the site, ID (identification number) and Password (password) to customers who qualify for membership and privileges, including a separate administration issued a site-by-site basis
3. Non-members : The membership site without means who uses the services provided.
4. ID(identification number)) : A combination of letters and numbers selected by a member in the company has been approved for membership identification and a member of the service, only one ID is issued to a single user, can be used.
5. PASSWORD : Combination of letters and numbers which members they set for members of the Information Security.
② The definition of the term, except for paragraph ① is subject to the terms and trade practices laws.

Chapter 2 Service Contract

Article 5 (Conclusion of contract)
① The user then fill in the membership information in accordance with the form established by the company and apply for membership by the intention to agree to these terms, you press the utilization time of application "ACCEPT" button deemed to accept these terms and conditions for the representation .
② The contract will be established by the company apply for approval for the use of users, the company is one of the following user application to join as a member of claim ① wherein the contract registered with the consent of the members that do not correspond to each issue and members The.

1. If the name is not the real name.
2. If you apply using the names of others.
3. If you need to apply for the substrate using false information when applying for.
4. Social well-being, if you applied for the purpose of inhibiting the order or public morals.
5. When other companies lack the established use application requirements.

Article 6 (Withdrawal and Disqualification)
① Members can request a withdrawal at any time, and the company will process your request as soon as that. In addition, if you want to cancel your membership, you will need to terminate the service contract with us how to use the company as a separate person or company established by this site.
② If the member does not fulfill its obligations under this Agreement or in each of the following that reason, the Company may terminate the contract limit or stop or membership.

1. If you registered using false information upon request.
2. If in relation to the site means users do not pay the debt incurred to date.
3. If you interfere with the Site or the use of another person that threatens the electronic trading system, such as stealing that information.
③ After the company stopped restrict the ability of a member if the same behavior is repeated two or more times the company may be disqualified for that member.
④ The company canceled the Register in case you wish to disqualify a member. In this case, the company will notify the members.
⑤ The Company may limit the services in accordance with the qualifications of the members even after receiving a member by signing the contract granting the ID and password.
⑥ Member of the Division of claim ②, claim ③, in accordance with the procedures established by the company with respect to claim ④ and claim ⑤, Ltd. action may appeal, in the case where the members thereof are deemed company party company immediately to resume the use of the service.

Article 7 (Notice of the Society Members)
①Cubicon, member you can use e-mail or SMS, or other communication means you agree to receive to the notice of the members.

Article 8 (Changing contract)
① Members if changes are made at the time of application described using, you must modify immediately notify the change by e-mail or a separate prescribed form and How It is clean.

Chapter 3 Services

Article 9 (Integration Membership)
① Members can use the services of a single integrated account (ID and password) "www.3dcubicon.com" site.
② Cubicon is for members to provide a particular service on some sites may require a separate or additional registration process, when using this particular service on or through such sites or service agreement, such as regulations or bylaws take precedence over these terms and conditions.
③ Cubicon manage the integration membership, including members of the ID so that it is easily accessible is a member of the Site and Services, or improve the site or service, you can change it.
④ Even if a member of the first application service since the company's site is expressly not increase or decrease the present terms and conditions apply unless a separate agreement, the Company will announce the information on the new site or service launched on the site or by e-mail to notify the member you can.

Article 10 (Hours of service, change and stop)
① Terms of Service is a round, unless otherwise interfere with the business or technical company throughout the year, 24 hours a day as a rule. In addition, the company can set the amount of time available in each range is divided by a certain range separate from the service, in which case the known information on the site.
② Cubicon may provide notice to members in the manner specified in Article 7 to change the contents and the date of service, and change the service.
③ Cubicon can then limit or stop all or part of the service if the clauses.

1. Perform maintenance of computers and information technology facilities, replacement and failure, if there is a reason for such disruptions
2. If unavoidable due to the construction of facilities for services such as maintenance
3. Power failure, if there is a disruption in normal service, such as a failure or congestion usage of various equipment
4. If you are a member of disturbing the business activities of the company
5. By various factors such as the company's termination of the service provider if you can keep your service
6. Other natural disasters, national emergencies, such as if there is a force majeure reasons

④ For this Article according to claim 3, wherein the interruption of service to the company is notified to the user in the manner specified in claim 7. However, the company discontinued the service due to reasons beyond the control (no disk errors, and the operator of the failure, system failure, etc.) shall not apply to the case because, it is impossible to notice.
⑤ Cubicon compensation provided for in this Clause 3 of thinking as a service has been temporarily interrupted due to the user or damage suffered by third parties. However, if the company does not have a high or negligence, it shall not apply.

Article 11 (Provision of information, advertising and hyperlinks showing)
① Cubicon're serving a variety of information to operate the service in the Services screen or can be provided to members by methods such as e-mails and letters, members can reject it by a certain procedure.
② Cubicon the service operating with respect to the site, the service screen may deem appropriate, including posting ads and e-mail, or if the feasibility, the member may have limited reject it through a predetermined procedure.
③ Members use the ads listed on the service or thing that the communication or transaction in such a way that advertisers participate in promotional activities through service members and is entirely a matter of advertisers. If your membership and must be resolved members and advertisers directly, even if there is a problem with the advertiser, in this regard, Ltd. shall not be liable.
④ Cubicon assumes no responsibility for any trading warranty and users by doing good, Services provided by the linked site to own such a hyperlink.
⑤ The services offered by the site is basically free. However, the information indicated that a separate fee for the use you can pay a specified price on that information.

Article 12 (Service)
① Cubicon provides the following services to its members.
1. 3D Printer and Scanner product information and counseling, 3D Printer stl file sharing service
2. Services related to the use of the resulting product
② If you change the service that paragraph ① of this Article shall notify the contents and the date of the service changes to membership in the manner specified in Article 7 (1), and may be changed or the service.
③ Due to changes in the service or delete the user or not compensation for damages suffered by third parties.

Chapter 4 Obligations of the parties

Article 13 (The company's obligations)
① Cubicon are aware of the personal information of members in relation to the services provided divulged to any third party without your consent, do not deploy. However, for the purpose of receiving requests from authorities on the investigation by the relevant laws and regulations or the Information Communication Ethics at the request of the Commission is due to due process in accordance with the provisions of such laws do not.
② Within the scope of paragraph 1, the company creates statistics on membership in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the member's personal information in connection with the work can be used to do this, you can send a cookie to your computer's members for this purpose. In this case, Members may opt out of cookies or change your browser's settings of the computer you are using to warn about the reception of cookies, but cookies by changing the settings of the service is to be changed is the responsibility of the members.
③ Cubicon shall process it quickly if we receive complaints from members regarding the service, if the rapid processing difficulty showing the reasons and schedules the service screen or notify members via e-mail, such as copper.
④ If the company incurred a loss due to the services provided to its members in the company liable only if the damages caused to the company's intention or gross negligence gihae, and the scope of its responsibility is limited to the normal damage.

Article 14 (The member's obligations)
① Members will not engage in each of the following actions when using the service.
1. Based upon false information or use application to change or steal your ID and password of another Member, the act of illegally using
2. The information obtained by the service information Cubicon duplication or distribution without the prior consent of the Company or to conduct commercial use
3. Penalize conduct that may damage someone's honor or
4. Board and showing pornography or obscene connected sites (links) to act
5. Cubicon of copyright, conduct that violates a third party's copyrights and other rights
6. Public order and the information of the content which may be in violation of public morals, sentences, figures, actions and voice to disseminate to others
7. Computer Service and causing destruction and chaos, such as equipment malfunction or information related to the act of registration or spread a virus infection data
8. Service operates a deliberately interfere with or to transmit advertising information contrary to the express intention of you can unsubscribe information and receiver interfere with the stable operation of the service actions
9. The actions and behaviors that indicate the relationships with others as false by others
10. Collecting the personal information of other members, store, public actions
11. Jugeona act of self or others for the benefit of property distributed false information to others for the purpose impose damages
12. Under the act of wealth gambling or meandering act
13. Arrange the prostitution act or the act of distributing information about the content that mediate sexual immorality
14. Words and sounds that cause shame or disgust or fear, or a picture or video to continue writing to the other party to reach a person's daily life Disturbing
15. Alter any information posted on the Service
16. Act of transfer or transmit or post information posted is prohibited by applicable laws and regulations (including computer programs)
17. Or impersonate any employee or by the operator of the Cubicon or steal someone else's name conduct posting or sending mail
18. Computer software, hardware, interfere with the normal operation of the telecommunication equipment, designed for the purpose of destroying virus software, other computer code, files, actions publish material that contains the program to be sent by e-mail or
19. Stalking, such as bullying other members
20. Other illegal or improper
② Member of the relevant laws, the provisions of this Agreement, Service Information and service bulletin on the notes, and the company shall comply with the requirements of such notice, will not engage in activities that interfere with the work of others.
③ Members, unless formally authorized by the company and will not be able to do business selling goods using the service, especially hacking, revenue through advertising, commercial lewd acts with the site, can not be off-the-shelf software such as illegal distribution . This result and the loss caused by the breach of the sales activities, such as respect and legal action by the authorities arrested the company is not responsible, the member is obligated damages against the company in connection with such actions.
④ If you register for membership services must provide complete information that matches the current facts (the "Property").
⑤ Members will be updated immediately in the event of changes to the property. If members provide registration information and update the registration information will be inaccurate, and other members in the case of the acts set forth in this paragraph 1 Company may restrict or stop the services of members by Article 24 to Article Terms of Service you can.

Article 15 (Protection of Personal Information)
① Cubicon collect the minimum information required on the information collected during the service contract or purchase contract of the user. And the following information as the necessary information to the other optional.
1. Name (company name)
2. Business Registration Number (corporate customers)
3. Address
4. Contact telephone number
5. ID (for members)
6. Password (for members)
7. Other company locations as deemed necessary

② Cubicon is under the consent of the user must when collecting personal information Personal identification of users possible, provided personal information can not be provided to third parties or used for other purposes without the consent of the user, all responsibility for this is the company have. However, with the exception of the following cases.
1. If you obtain the consent of the users, published in advance
2. Statistics, if you provide a form that can not identify a specific individual as if you needed to academic research or market research
3. At the request of the governments of the due process in accordance with the law
③ If a company needs to receive and accept the user by claim 2 wherein the identity of the personal information manager (position, name, and phone number, or other contact), we use data collection, service-related information to a third party details (provided receiving party, provided the purpose and content of the information to be provided) and promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and information Protection law Article 16 concerning a third term as defined and specified in advance through a separate "Privacy Policy" or notice the need, the user can withdraw this consent at any time.
④ Members may request to see and error correction on their personal information held company at any time, the Company may be required to take the necessary measures without delay about it. If the member is required to correct the error, the company does not use the personal information until you correct the error.
⑤ Cubicon is minimized by limiting the number of administrators to protect personal information, credit card, loss of personal information, including bank accounts, such as theft, take full responsibility for any damage caused by spills of users, such as modulation.
⑥ Company or provide personal information collected from the company to achieve the purpose or purposes of third parties who provide personal information when relevant to destroy the personal information without delay.
1. If you have otherwise provided in the company's "Privacy Policy"
2. A member of the company if the company agrees to provide to any third party who stated separately in the "collection of personal information, delivery and utilization agreement"
3. If a company is required to provide a rate adjustment in accordance with the implementation or use of the Service Contract
4. If there are special provisions in laws or other laws and regulations regarding the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection

Article 16 (Obligations to the members of the ID and password)
①Management responsibility for the ID and password of the Cubicon at your member. However, the company has four euros for the problems responsible for the company, such as a system failure of the company is responsible.
② If you feel that using their ID and password to any third party.
③ If a member of stolen their ID and password, or use a recognized third party and that the case immediately notify the company and that the company's guidance, you must follow it.
④ Members of the ID can not be changed without the prior written consent of the Company.

Article 17 (Duties and responsibilities of the email)
① Cubicon unless you edit or monitor the content of the e-mail of the members are responsible for the contents of their respective members.
② Member of pornography or via e-mail the company disturbing content, junk mail (Junk Mail), spam (Spam Mail), chain letters (Chain Mail) must be sent in such information prejudicial to the morals giving people the damage.
③ Any liability arising in any manner in violation of paragraph 2 of this Article and to the members, in which case the company can provide the law enforcement agencies of the member ID and password. Chapter 5

Article 18 (Intellectual Property)
① Cubicon copyrighted work posted on the site or service is created and is attributed to the company.
② Rights and responsibilities of members who posted in the service posts (including the members-to-point delivery) and its members, the company reserves the right to publish it in the service. In addition, the company will not be able to use the post without the consent of the member who posted the relevant post for any other purpose.
③ Cubicon is even a member of this forum post in the services infringe any other Member or any third party's intellectual property rights is not the responsibility of the civil? Criminally for it. If the member has received the appeal, including the company claims that it has two euros from others infringing the intellectual property rights of others, members of the company, and if you try to indemnify the company failed to indemnify members of all damages caused to the company as such must pay.
④ Cubicon, you can delete the post if you are a member who is the member of the contract have been released or canceled as a legitimate reason for publication.
⑤ Members reproduced without the information obtained using data or services published on the service company's prior consent and sent and published and distributed and not used for commercial purposes by broadcasting and other means, or can be made available to third parties posts intellectual property rights infringement is subject to the laws and regulations.

Article 19 (Damages)
① If the member due to the illegal acts performed in utilizing the services are subject to various appeals, including claims for damages from the other members or third parties, members strive for the exemption of the company and members If a company has failed to indemnify must reimburse all damages caused to the company thereby.
② Claims for damages for the company must be in writing to describe the reason the company claims, charges and calculation basis, if the reason for the occurrence of three months from the date elapsed, the user can have a claim against the company that right is extinguished.

Article 20 (Disclaimer)
① Cubicon the state of emergency in the country, if a natural disaster or an equivalent unable to provide the service due to force majeure, we are not responsible for service delivery.
② Cubicon is not responsible for the use of a service interruption due to reasons attributable to the Member.
③ Cubicon shall not be responsible for lost profits expected by using this membership service, else even for such damages resulting from the data obtained through the Service will not be responsible.
④ Cubicon is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the content of posts, including one member on the site, there is no obligation to verify or representatives for any comments or information posted on the Service. In addition, the company approved the opinions expressed by third parties or members, not against, or modified.
⑤ Cubicon is not obligated to intervene in disputes between each other by the service member or members and third parties will not be liable to compensate for the resulting damages.

Article 21 (Jurisdiction, a court of competent jurisdiction and applicable law)
① If the event of a dispute in connection with the services between the company and its members, the company and the members shall consult in good faith to resolve the dispute.
② In the present case, Paragraph 1 of the dispute is not resolved, the parties agreed can be raised cattle in a court of competent jurisdiction on the Code of Civil Procedure. Addendum. (Effective Date) This agreement is implemented from day one published.

Date of Public Notification : 2018.
Date of Enforcement : 2018