Korean No.1, Future-Oriented Total 3D Printing Solution Provider

All objects can be configurated perfectly by CUBICON
"CUBICON" connote two words of "Cubic" means regular hexahedron
in a perfect form and "On" means activation and vitalization.
It signify that "All objects can be configurated perfectly by CUBICON"
"We are unlimited field of 3D Printer, Materials, Software, 3D Printing
and growing to the Total 3D Printing Solution Provider"

The regular hexahedron in a perfect form "Cubic" and
The meaning of activation and vitalization "On" Combination

  • Global 3D Printing Market worth 17.7 Billlion USD by 2020
  • 6.75 million 3D Printer will be supplied sharply, and the fastest-growing technology is FFF type

Cubicon make an effort and invest lots of resources to create a better infrastructure
of using 3D solutions like 3D printer, 3D scanner, 3D S/W and etc for everyone.

Rapid progress of 3D solutions leads to more opportunity for Cubicon growth. And that is why Cubicon has infinite potentiality

FFF Type / Desktop → Industrial

  • 300x300x300㎣ Build Size
  • Heating Chamber
  • Dual Nozzle & Water Soluble Supporter
  • Using Engineering Material (PC, Ultem etc.)

DLP Type / Personal → Dental, Industry

  • Dental, Industry Development from personal focus


  • In-house design rendering and slicing engine
  • Improving value added functions for ease of use, printing quality
  • Supporting 3D Model Cloud

3D Scanner

  • Stable Design as stand type
  • Automatic rotation turntable
  • Simple calibration, Easy instalation
  • Scanning various objects
  • Applied in-house scanning engine
  • Automatic Align function

Material Development

  • To print ceramic like or metal like products by material extrusion
  • To use affordable materials for 3D printing
  • To compete against SLS, DED type 3D printers
  • Strategic alliance with related companies for enhancing materials competitiveness