Title [Firmware] CUBICON Style (3DP-210F) Firmware v1.7 Update
Date 2018-10-09
Sort Firmware Product Item FFF Printer
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Cubicon Style (210F)

- Applied machine: Cubicon Style, 3DP-210F

It is not compatible with other machine except Cubcion Style.

Please download the attachment and apply after unzipping.

(How to update the Firmware)

1) From the Cubicon Style machine,

2) Open the Cubicreator Software and click Setting at the top of menu ->Firmware Update to load the downloaded *.hex file.

3) Click the Start button in the Firmware Update dialog box.

4) After the firmware update is completed, run {Configuration>Initialize EEPROM} from the printer function menu.

This step updates the firmware values, as the old firmware values may be in conflict with the updated program, causing a printer malfunction.

**Caution: Make sure that the power to the PC or printer is not turned off, and do not disconnect the USB cable during a firmware update, as this may cause a printer problem.

(Revision History)

> FW v1.7 : Cubi210F_V1.7(180515).hex

 - Universal version of Motor Drive by improving.

 - 3 points & 5 points bed selection function.

 - "User Temp" set as A100 filament.

 - New UI name applied

 - Other bugs are fixed.

> FW v1.4 : Cubi210F_V1.4(160825).hex

 - Modified Self-Test Error when preheating

 - Improvement of Printing Quiality issues

 - Beeping every 2 seconds, When Cool-End Fan is broken

 - Modified Malfunction Bug when Mold-Fan manually controlled.

> FW v1.4 : Cubi210F_V1.4(160825).hex

- Modify the Fan & LED value changing error when turn off the machine while it's printing

- Modified other bugs.

> FW v1.3 : Cubi210F_V1.3(*).hex

 - Modify the malfunctioning in motion menu

 * This firmware was not posted.

> FW v1.2 : Cubi210F_V1.2(160520).hex

- Changed Autotilt Bed Offset Range to -100 ~ +1,000um.

- Add Internal ramp On/Off settings(>Configuration >LED Lamp).

- Modify other bugs.

> FW v1.1 : Cubi210F_V1.1(20151214).hex

- Modified to adjust Auto Leveling Bed Offset from -100 ~ to +500um.

- Modified the bed temperature to "0℃" after starting the printing.

-  If X,Y,Z-Axis goes beyond the build size, it will be errored.

-  Modified the synario of Filter Fan or Extruder Fan control.

-  Modified other bugs.